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Dependable Restaurant Services, LLC is a leading national supplier of integrated restaurant services whose primary goal is to provide a convenient single point of contact to simplify kitchen facilities management. We work with restaurants, commercial & shared kitchens, grocery outlets, hotels, gaming establishments and other food service industry companies. We maintain a wide network of professionals who can provide you with oil collection, grease trap cleaning, hood cleaning and hydro jetting.

As a customer-focused service, we are always looking to improve your experience. Depending on your requirements and needs, our maintenance services can be as frequent as you want. We take special care to provide custom solutions that are tailored to your schedule.  

By entrusting us with your restaurant services, you aren’t just making your kitchen clean and safe but also creating a positive impact on the environment. 

Our 4 Part Restaurant Services

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We offer a simple and convenient and easy collection system designed to work with your business. We ensure that our services do not interrupt your business operations, and we are able to provide free grease containers that best suit your needs.

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As liquid waste disposal company, we have qualified and experienced technicians that can safely gather, treat and dispose of the liquid waste at licensed waste treatment facilities. Our specialized services ensure that we can quickly and responsibly collect and dispose of  all our businesses waste.

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We provide a comprehensive kitchen hood cleaning service that improves operational efficiency, minimizes the risk of fire and prevents safety hazards. Our technicians provide a clean and sanitized working environment that keeps you compliant with local laws  and regulations.

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Our Hydro jetting service is recommended to be added to regular preventative maintenance to help keep your kitchen running smoothly. Some drains can be cleared with traditional methods, while others may require a little more force. Hydro Jetting is often used to help get to the root of a problem with clogged drains.

What Sets DRS Apart

We are customer-focused service provider that strives to provide high level, dependable regular preventative maintenance services to your business so you can focus on running your business.

Customer Service

When you hire Dependable Restaurant Services for your restaurant maintenance services, you always have a single point of contact to address any potential issues you might have, customer satisfaction is our #1 goal!

Automated Service

Our oil collection service is built to make your life easier by creating an automated schedule for pick up. We eliminate the hassle of oil pick up by setting you up with service that does not require employee interaction or the need to enter your building.

Schedule Service

Based on the amount of cooking oil you use, we will schedule the delivery of your free oil container within a couple days. Once your setup is complete we can work out your oil pick up schedule. 

Ready to start your service?

If you are ready to start your specialized preventative maintenance for your commercial kitchen with Dependable Restaurant Services, don’t hesitate – call us today, or you can simply fill out our Request Service and someone will contact you shortly to get started. Contact us now to learn more!

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