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Looking for help with your grease trap cleaning? We can handle all your restaurants trap cleaning and maintenance services. Our professional staff provide quick, reliable services for when you need them most.

Professional Grease Trap Pumping Services for Your Restaurant

Every restaurant, commercial and shared kitchen needs a reliable grease removal service. Whether you’re an owner operator or responsible for managing your kitchen’s waste disposal, we provide a reliable cleaning service.

Our professional staff is here to assist. Given our combined thirty eight years of experience, we understand how important it is to maintain a safe, clean and odor free kitchen environment. Regular grease trap cleaning services aid in maintaining satisfactory facility conditions as well as completing the environmental compliance checklist. Therefore, passing inspection is at the top of our priority list.

Many thriving quick service restaurants and commercial kitchens deal with used cooking oil. Properly disposing of used cooking oil is very important for your business and our environment. Depending on where you operate, there are laws regarding the proper disposal of grease. Failure to comply by properly disposing and recycling used cooking oil may result in failed inspections, shutdowns and costly fines. Pouring the oil down the drain will end up clogging drain lines resulting in blockages, backups and unsafe conditions for kitchen staff. Additionally, exterior back ups may result in unsafe conditions for staff and the public alike. 

Dependable Restaurant Services offers containment for used cooking oil and recurring pickups at no cost, FREE.   

Our Services

Dependable Restaurant Services has provided grease trap cleaning services to restaurants, quick service establishments, commercial and shared kitchens for a combined thirty eight years. We observe a strict code of conduct and ensure timely service, along with a highly professional customer-centric attitude.  

Trap Installation

The Dependable Restaurant Services team provides professional installations of interior and exterior grease traps.

Repair & Replacement

Over time grease traps become damaged and require repair or replacement. In any case, Dependable Restaurant Services technicians will provide a detailed inspection report. We also understand the value of time and ensure that you always get the best solution possible.

Scheduled Service

Dependable Restaurant Services will recommend services based on the type of establishment, location, menu offered and volume. As part of a sound preventative maintenance service plan, we recommend utilizing both our waste oil pickup service and grease trap cleaning service. Be sure to ask about our used cooking oil rebate program.

Emergency Clean up

Without regular preventative maintenance services, costly emergency situations are imminent. Dependable Restaurant Services technicians remain at the ready for emergency situations. 

Inspection Report

In addition to offering regular cleanups and scheduled maintenance services, we provide site surveys including detailed inspections to recommend a sound preventative maintenance plan.

Hydro Jetting 

Kitchen drain lines become blocked due to the build-up of waste, trash and debris. We comply with local health department guidelines and facility requirements. Dependable Restaurant Services recommends combining drain line rodding, hydro jetting and grease interceptor services at select intervals.   

Ready to start your service?

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The Importance of Pumping Out Your Restaurant Grease Trap or Interceptor

Grease traps and interceptors are required by local health departments, environmental and wastewater authorities. The basic functionality of regulations are simple. They stop the excess grease and used cooking oil waste from entering the city’s main line. 

Responsible operation of a busy and thriving commercial kitchen includes proper disposal of used cooking oil to include proof of recycling and regular preventative maintenance of the grease interceptor. In addition to costly fines, health and sanitary issues will result from grease interceptor neglect. 

Helping Kitchens Stay Clean

Grease traps that are properly installed inline with drain lines will keep your kitchen clean, sanitary & clear from grease, debris and oil. In addition, this keeps high sanitary standards, avoids offensive drain odors and helps pass random health department inspections and keeping  with local regulations. We provide preventative maintenance services to grocery markets, restaurants, hospitals, government buildings and complexes, schools, commercial and shared kitchen spaces.  

Lesser Costs Compared to Repairs

If your kitchen drain lines are clogged due to grease, emergency repairs and downtime are costly. For a thriving quick-serve restaurant, institution, commercial or shared kitchen, this translates to a loss of revenue, losing staff from unsafe working conditions and affects customer retention. In certain instances, fines may result from companies neglecting to implement sound preventative maintenance practices. 

Environment-Friendly Option

One of the main benefits and most important aspects of cleaning grease traps and interceptors is the positive impact on our environment. In addition, this saves your kitchen from a possible disaster, the grease traps and interceptors also keep the environment cleaner and less polluted. 

Maintaining High Sanitary Standards

We maintain high sanitary standards by keeping well-maintained and clean grease traps. In most states, local municipal wastewater laws require you to install grease traps. Regular preventative grease trap maintenance & service of the traps allow for cleanliness, safer operations and protect our environment. 

Why Choose Our Grease Trap Cleaning Services?

Dependable Restaurant Services staff and technicians have kept thousands of kitchens clean for decades. Above all, we are committed to providing next level service. 

Next Level Service

You, our esteemed customers, are our priority. When it comes to America’s Dirtiest Job, our team is quick to handle business. For your convenience, we operate 24/7/365. 

Well-Trained Technicians

Whether it’s 5 o’clock on a Friday or you are up to your elbows in kitchen grease, No matter the situation, our Technicians will handle it. We have a strict policy of keeping all of our technicians well-trained and well-equipped.    

Professional Staff with Customer-Centric Service

Our staff practices a strict code of conduct. Whether you speak with dispatch or have our technicians visit your location, you will have professional and ethical experience with your grease trap cleaning. 

Live Humans Standing By

We provide live customer service 24/7/365. Our operators and technicians are ready to receive your call in real-time. In other words, no matter the hour or time of the day, we remain at the ready.


Dependable Restaurant Services provides preventative maintenance plans which include discounted pricing for multiple services. 

On-Time Service

We understand that having a clogged drain or overflowing grease trap is a very stressful situation. Emergency fees get costly, and downtime is not an option. Therefore, we work to provide timely preventative maintenance services to ensure your kitchen remains clean, sanitary and odor free. The purpose is to remain compliant with local health department, environmental and wastewater regulations.

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Grease Interceptor Cleaning & Maintenance

Traps Vs. Containers

Grease Containers

Grease containers are necessary for storage of your used cooking oil and grease. DRS provides lightweight compact plastic indoor eco tubs on wheels as well as lockable steel outdoor containers including recurring pickups at no cost, FREE. Additionally, manifests and receipts are provided to customers for proof of collection & recycling.

Grease Traps

Local Environmental and Wastewater Authorities have regulations that require installation of grease traps and grease interceptors at commercial kitchens which fry food and use some type of cooking oil or grease. Grease traps and grease interceptors are installed in line with the drainage system and stop F.O.G (fats, oils and grease) from entering the main line. Also, grease traps and grease interceptors are installed indoors under sinks, in floors, basements and outdoors above as well as in-ground.


Which services does DRS provide?

Our grease trap cleaning services are designed to clean & remove grease, oil and debris from your grease traps and interceptors. We provide regularly scheduled preventative maintenance services as well as emergency services. Similarly, we work to maintain a preventative maintenance schedule keeping your kitchen and facility online with open doors.

What are DRS’ rates?

Our competitive rates are based on the size of the grease trap, condition and the frequency of services. We offer discounts for multiple locations, franchise groups and savings when combining with other preventative maintenance services.

What is the process for cleaning the grease trap or grease interceptor?

There are a few different ways that grease trap and grease interceptor cleaning can be performed. The most common method is to use a grease trap and interceptor pumping service. This type of pumping service removes excess kitchen debris and waste oil from the grease trap and interceptor. A trained professional will operate the grease trap pumping truck to achieve the following:  First, the lid to the trap must be inspected then removed. Next, the pump truck’s hose is inserted. The trap contents [F.O.G. Fat, Oils and Grease] are then pumped into a truck’s tank. Most importantly, contents are processed at a certified waste processing facility. Finally, a manifest is left with the customer for proof of service

What are the benefits of cleaning your grease traps?

There are many benefits to grease trap cleaning, including: 1. Prevent clogs in your drains and pipes. 2. Help to keep your kitchen clean and free of grease and grime. 3. Helps to extend the life of your plumbing drains and pipes. 4. Help to prevent bad odors in your kitchen. 5. Maintains cleaner Facilities. 6. Keeps your company compliant with local regulations.

What are the risks of neglecting regular trap pumping?

If a grease trap or grease interceptor is not cleaned and serviced regularly, the following can occur. 1. Fats, oils, and grease can build up and clog the lines to the trap, causing waste to back up into the building. 2. The build-up of fats, oils, and grease can also attract vermin, such as rodents and cockroaches. 3. The build-up of F.O.G [Fats Oils and Grease] creates unpleasant odors. 4. Fines result from exceeding maximum allowable F.O.G. levels.

What are the signs that a trap needs to be cleaned?

If you notice any of the following signs, it may be time to have your grease trap or grease interceptor cleaned: 1. Floor drains have started to slow, stop or have backed up: 2. Staff notices a foul offensive odor present. Note* Grease trap and grease interceptors are designed to operate at full capacity: Health Inspectors will measure the grease trap or grease interceptors level of F.O.G. Fats Oils and Grease. We recommend keeping the F.O.G. level under 25%.

How often should they be cleaned?

Service frequency depends on a number of factors, including the type of facility, menu offered and kitchen volume. However, as a general rule of thumb, it is recommended that grease traps and interceptors are cleaned and serviced at 30-, 60- and 90-day intervals.

What are the best practices for cleaning up your restaurant’s grease?

There are a few different schools of thought when it comes to grease trap cleaning and what the best practices are. In fact, some people believe that it is best be proactive and clean the grease trap as often as possible, on a regular schedule while others believe that it is best to service when drains slow down and the odor reaches offensive levels. There are a few different factors that you will need to take into account when deciding how often to clean your grease trap. First, a main factor is the size of the grease trap. The second factor is the type of menu offered. Finally, the third factor is kitchen volume.

What are the most common problems with grease traps and grease interceptors?

The most common problems with grease trap cleaning are: 1. Not enough grease and oil are removed from the trap, causing it to become full and ineffective with a potential negative impact to sewers or septic systems. 2. Grease and oil are not properly disposed of, causing environmental pollution. 3. The trap is not cleaned often enough, leading to a build-up of grease and oil. 4. The trap is not properly maintained, leading to a build-up of grease and oil.

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Dependable Grease Trap Services

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