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Dependable Restaurant Services caters to a wide range of large and small restaurants, national chains, hotels, gaming establishments and other food service industry companies. We offer a single point of contact for oil collection,  hydro-jetting, grease trap and hood vent cleaning services.



We understand the many challenges businesses face and know that a single point of contact can help our customers needs. Therefore, our extensive experience in handling used cooking oil recycling, grease management, hydro-jetting and hood cleaning is what allows us to provide full service kitchen management solutions that will meet the various demands of your food service business.


Our Restaurant Services

Used Cooking Oil Collection Icon


DRS provides a convenient & easy waste cooking oil collection system that works with your business and ensures that our services do not interrupt your general business operations. Additionally, We can also provide a grease container that best fits your businesses requirements. 

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It starts with our qualified and experienced team who can safely gather, treat and carefully dispose of the liquid waste at licensed waste treatment facilities. Our specialized waste fleet ensures we can collect and dispose of any type of liquid waste at volumes that your business produces. 

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Our technicians employ a highly detailed kitchen hood cleaning service that helps improve operational efficiency, minimize the risk of fire and safety hazards. They provide a clean and sanitized working environment that keeps you fully compliant with local laws and safety standards.

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Often times failing to get to the root of the problem can result in issues occurring time and again. Some drains are cleared by traditional methods while others require a little more force. We recommend adding our Hydro Jetting service to your regular preventative maintenance program.


Sustainable Solutions

Environmental sustainability is a core value here at Dependable Restaurant Services. Simply put, kitchens and restaurants all over the country dispose of a lot of waste oil and other by-products.  Therefore, it is our mission to offer sustainable and proactive maintenance solutions that encourage recycling and prevent pollution and excessive waste. We’re here to help you have a positive impact on human health and also benefit the environment.

Our approach to the protection of the environment and human wellness is directed through the delivery of accessible, reliable waste disposal services. Our goal is recycling as much material as possible. The expectation is that we will manage our activities to avoid the risk of environmental damage. We accomplish this with safe, effective and consistent preventative maintenance. 

The Dependable WAY

Our Dependable Waste Management approach
What sets us apart is our ability to collaborate with customers in order to establish optimum collection services based around the quality and type of waste produced.  Additionally, we search for opportunities to provide the best resource recovery, waste storage capacity and accessibility to the site.  We call this the Dependable way of working.

Used Cooking
Oil Collection

Our used cooking oil service starts with providing our customers with a fresh and clean indoor or outdoor collection unit for each new location. In addition, we include free recurring used cooking oil pickups & rapid service request response times. We work to satisfy the requirements of local environmental waste authorities to keep your facility in compliance and avoid costly fines or downtime. Our free grease collection service includes a manifest with date of service along with gallons of used cooking oil collected. Above all, our commitment is to provide great service in the most efficient and green manner to protect the environment.

Used Cooking Oil & Grease Collection Company
Grease trap cleaning services

Grease Trap
Cleaning Service

Before we start our grease trap / interceptor pumping service, we verify trap conditions and that T-pipes are functional.  Once our inspection checklist is complete, our licensed and insured Operators pump 100% to the tank bottom where baffle integrity is visually checked for issues/problems. Also, our post service manifest is supplied with gallons of wastewater removed and grease trap FOG (Fats, Oils and Grease] levels noted. No service is complete without before and after verification photos.)


Hood Cleaning

Fire safety at its finest. All associated kitchen vent hoods, fans and ductwork are treated and pressure washed until squeaky clean. We provide a comprehensive detailed report with geo-coded photography along with NFPA certification labels keeping your facility in compliance. At Dependable Restaurant Services, quality control is paramount. Our detailed oriented Specialists place a high degree of importance on fire and damage prevention. As such, systematic follow-up after every cleaning ensures your kitchen equipment remains functional, operational and on line for your teams success.

Restaurant Hood & Exhaust Cleaning
Hydro Jetting & Drain Cleaning

Hydro Line

Say NO to clogged lines with costly emergencies and YES to safety with protection. Whether the backup is in the parking lot, kitchen or at the grease trap, commercial or industrial, we have you covered. Dependable hydro jetting service is an excellent option for clearing grease, sludge and debris from interior kitchen drain lines as well as maintaining grease trap inlets and outlets. Hydro-jetting is an eco-friendly, highly effective drain clearing process that utilizes high water pressure. Therefore, we recommend Hydro Jetting as part of a sound preventative maintenance plan for property management and ownership alike.

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Dependable Restaurant Services provides a single point of contact for oil collection, grease trap cleaning, hydro-jetting, and hood cleaning services to any business working in the food service industry.
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