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Looking for help with your kitchens hood cleaning maintenance? DRS can handle all your hood vent & exhaust cleaning needs. You can trust our skilled team to help you maintain a safe and healthy working environment for your staff.

Commercial exhaust hood cleaning services done right

Keeping your Restaurant, Franchise, Assisted Living Facility Commercial or Shared Kitchen’s hood, exhaust system, and grease drainage lines clean and clear contributes to the equipment’s longevity and ensures continual operations. Besides, timely precautionary maintenance for such crucial equipment eliminates the need for costly repairs or replacement.

Likewise, the restaurant hood vents and exhaust systems need to be cleaned and maintained regularly. Regular Preventative Maintenance ensures that your kitchen hood is fully functional with no worries about grease build up or airborne contaminants. Our service utilizes modern and efficient equipment for seamless upkeep of your important kitchen equipment. We have a team of specialists standing by to tackle complex issues without any hassle. Our Technicians are hardworking, knowledgeable and professional.

Advantages of cleaning restaurant hood vents and exhaust

DRS provides high-quality Preventative Maintenance Services to our customers. DRS Technicians are trained in all of the latest techniques for removing grease and grime from kitchen equipment.

Fire Prevention

 Fires can be caused by grease buildup in the ductwork or by malfunctioning hinges & motors that overheat due to clogged filters.

Improved Air Quality

Cleaning restaurant hood vents will enhance air quality by removing smoke, cooking smells, and other unwanted odors from the kitchen.

Save Money

If you clean them regularly, you’ll avoid paying for expensive repairs or replacements for your equipment sooner than necessary.

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How Grease Buildup Can Damage the Kitchen Systems

Grease is one of the leading causes of kitchen fires. Buildup can also lead to inefficient cooking, which means food will take longer to cook and use more energy. In addition, it is easier for grease to drain away from your kitchen equipment if it is cleaned regularly.

Grease is a natural byproduct of cooking. Grease can also be an enemy to your professional kitchen systems. It can damage your kitchen and cause fires to break out. Grease also leads to many problems in your kitchen, such as clogging sinks, pipes, and drains.

There are many ways to reduce the grease produced in your kitchen and keep it from harming the equipment or causing a fire hazard. The most effective way is to ensure that you have a properly maintained ventilation system in place for all of your cooking equipment. This will allow any excess grease smoke and fumes  to be vented away from the cooking area and not accumulate in the kitchen or rest of the facility.

Keep Your Kitchen Equipment in Top Condition with Our Professional Hood Cleaning Service

A kitchen exhaust system is an assembly of hoods, filters, ductwork and fans used to remove grease, smoke and hazardous fumes from a commercial kitchen. Fire damage from poorly maintained kitchen hoods can be devastating; DRS Hood Cleaning Services are a great choice for restaurant and commercial kitchen hood cleaning. Ask about our proactive preventative maintenance schedule.

Save the day with our hood cleaning service! Our experienced technicians specialize in cleaning commercial kitchen exhaust systems. We use state-of-the-art equipment and techniques for kitchen hood vent cleaning, leaving you stress-free and confident about your kitchen hoods safety in your restaurant.

We ensure your kitchen exhaust system is always ready for action. From site inspections to repairs, call Dependable Restaurant Services today for your commercial kitchen hood cleaning needs. Our dependable team of experts will be there to help when you need it most.

Why DRS is the best option for Kitchen Exhaust Vent Cleaning

We pay attention to the details.  Without proper maintenance and professional cleaning, grease builds up and leads to a potential fire hazard. We offer affordable prices that will stay within the budget. 

Our certified professionals will safely and effectively facilitate kitchen exhaust cleaning with environmentally-friendly products, giving you peace of mind in knowing that your business is protected from fire hazards.

All You Need to Know About Commercial Kitchen Exhaust System Cleaning

Commercial kitchen exhaust systems are a necessary component of commercial food service establishments. These systems control the flow of air from the kitchen to the outdoors. Kitchen Hood Systems are responsible for carrying away heat, steam, smoke, grease, and other airborne contaminants.

A kitchen hood exhaust system comprises four main components: hoods over cooking equipment; ductwork that carries air from the hoods to an outside vent or duct; fans that pull air through the ductwork, and filters that remove particles from the air before it is discharged outdoors.

The kitchen hood system can become clogged with grease and other debris over time. Common issues include poor ventilation in the kitchen and increased energy use due to inefficient operation of fans.

Commercial kitchen exhaust cleaning is a necessary process for the safety of the kitchen staff, as well as to maintain proper ventilation. The process of commercial kitchen exhaust system cleaning includes inspection, cleaning, and maintenance.

  • Inspection: Inspect the exhaust system for any signs of damage or wear.
  • Cleaning: Cleaning the exhaust system by removing grease and debris from the filters, fan blades and ducts.
  • Maintenance: Making sure that the filters & ducts are free from any obstructions and that there is enough airflow to remove smoke, odors, heat, fumes, etc.

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Restaurant Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning by Expert Professionals

Restaurant hood cleaning should always be left in the hands of professionals. When you allow us to care for your commercial kitchen exhaust system, we will make sure that it’s always clean, safe and properly labeled keeping you passing inspections. We know how important it is to have a fire safety compliant workplace.

We clean up grease and smoke from kitchens and remove any unwanted odors from your kitchen with our professional service. Our commercial hood cleaning services are efficient and hassle-free. Therefore, you can get your hood back in order quickly! 

You can rest assured that your professional kitchen needs are met with us!

How to Know When You Need Hood Cleaning Services:

Grease buildup can be difficult for the average person to clean off, which is why professional help is needed for this task. Many state and local fire authorities require quarterly commercial kitchen hood cleaning services as part of a sound preventative maintenance plan. Ask about our DRS site survey for your facility.

Do not let the grease build up in your kitchen! Keep contaminants and debris from collecting on a working surfaces, stoves, counters and floors. Protect your restaurant and customers from the potential health hazard of grease buildup with our kitchen hood exhaust cleaning service.

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Dependable Restaurant Services is a trusted name in restaurant hood cleaning services near me for many years. We’re the leader in National commercial kitchen hood cleaning services and make sure all of our customers are completely satisfied with our work. Every member of our team has extensive training and experience in the industry and follows all National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) standards.

The best restaurant hood cleaning service is at your fingertips with us. We have the expertise and equipment to get the job done right and offer affordable rates for commercial kitchens and assisted living facilities. If you have any questions or would like a quote on a specific project don’t hesitate to call us!

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