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Need help with your used cooking oil pickup? We can handle all your grease disposal and recycling needs. Our professional technicians provide fast, dependable kitchen grease removal you can count on. 

Restaurant grease removal & recycling services

Do you manage or run a busy restaurant? Is your kitchen in need of used cooking oil collection? A big part of operating a commercial kitchen is using cooking oils. Be it deep fryers or various dishes, cooking oil is an essential component of any kitchen. Unfortunately, used cooking oil (“uco”) is just a messy by-product of running a busy kitchen. To run your kitchen effectively, you must find a proper way to either dispose of this cooking oil or store it. 

If the cooking oils are not stored properly or disposed of, then it can easily become a nuisance without the proper systems in place. It can become a safety hazard, clog your drains or produce unsanitary conditions that can potentially damage your restaurant’s operations. 

Luckily, there is an effective way through which you can store or recycle your used cooking oil, and that is through professional resources like DRS providing used cooking oil collection and recycling service.

Our service is smooth, highly customizable and hassle-free. We take your schedules into account and offer you a reliable and flexible service according to your needs. We offer regular grease pick ups, along with offering an amazing recycling and oil rebate service. With our help, you will not only be able to run a clean and safe kitchen but also contribute to a greener environment. 

How our used oil collection service works

As a customer-focused service, we are always looking to improve your experience. Depending on your requirements and needs, our pickup services can be as frequent as your kitchen requires. We strive to answer any questions and provide custom solutions that are tailored to your business.

Set Up Account

We are able to get you signed up same day. You can fill out our Request Service form or simply give us a call. Switching from a different provider? We’ve made a simple and easy process.

Schedule Delivery

Based on the amount of cooking oil you use, we will schedule the delivery of your free oil container within a couple days. Once your setup is complete we can work out your oil pick up schedule. 

Automated Service

Our oil collection systems are built to make your life easier by creating an automated schedule for grease pick up. Our oil pickup service does not require employee interaction or the need to enter your building.

Customer Service

When you hire Dependable Restaurant Services for your restaurant waste oil disposal, our goal is to help you maintain it. However, you can always contact us to answer questions and solve any issues quickly.

Ready to start your service?

If you are ready to start recycling your cooking oil with Dependable Restaurant Services, don’t hesitate – go ahead and give us a call, or you can simply fill out our Request Service and someone will contact you shortly to get started. 

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Sustainable restaurant waste oil disposal & recycling

If you run a busy kitchen, it can be difficult to keep track of everything, including effective management of your cooking oil disposal. Overlooking your preventative maintenance, such as grease traps, deep fryers, etc can create unhealthy and hazardous conditions throughout your kitchen. Not to mention, keeping your kitchen operational under such circumstances can lead to breaking countless environmental and health regulations.

Keeping a Safe and Healthy Kitchen

Our cooking oil collection and recycling services help you maintain a safe and healthy kitchen. Additionally, used cooking oil (“uco”) needs proper care and should be disposed of carefully. If you pour it down a drain with water or without water, it can still end up clogging your pipes. 

With our cooking oil recycling systems in place, you will be able to effectively keep your kitchen clean. We operate on the requirements of your schedule. Our technicians are top notch, our service is flexible, and our pickup can be as frequent as you want. 

Contributing to a Greener and Healthier Environment

Unfortunately, mishandled or poorly managed cooking oil can not only cause damage to your kitchen and over fill your grease traps, but it can also end up in sewers and create a negative impact on the environment. 

Through our efficient restaurant grease disposal and recycling services, you will be able to get rid of the waste cooking oil properly. Our company passes your used cooking oil through a special refinement process, turning it into biodiesel (cleaner energy alternative to petroleum/diesel), animal feed or other sustainable products. That way, the environment remains clean, as the used cooking oil will not clog your drains and backup your water or end up in sewers. By choosing our service, you are opting for a healthier and cleaner environment. The solution is sustainable and a better alternative to conventional waste disposal methods. 

What makes DRS a dependable partner in commercial grease removal?

We are dedicated to providing you with the highest level of service regarding oil collection and recycling. There are multiple reasons why we stand out from the other providers in the industry. During all the years of our service, we have been the number-one choice and trusted resource of many restaurants and commercial kitchens.

Exceptional Customer Service

Our desire to provide exceptional service sets us apart from the other providers in the industry. Our service is hassle-free, highly customizable, and smooth. We take extra care to not let your oil containers get over-filled. Our pickup services can be as regular as per your need. Apart from the regular services, we also offer emergency pickup services. Our aim is to lighten your load, answer questions and provide you with peace of mind regarding the proper disposal of used cooking oil.

Professional Waste Oil Collection and Recycling Service

Our professional technicians and staff have been handling used cooking oil safely for a very long time. By relying on our service and trusting our resources, you are enlisting the help of highly trained and licensed service personnel who follow all government and environmental regulations. We practice safety and cleanliness, and above all, ensure you are content and that your used cooking oil is properly recycled and put to great use as clean resources. We are reliable, and you can depend on us for smooth and flexible service.

Attractive Oil Rebate Offers

We are a service company that is focused on providing complete oil collection systems that benefit the environment along with our customers. It is for that reason that we ensure to offer attractive oil rebate offers. You will get special rebate offers for giving us your used oil. We provide such offers to encourage recycling and safe disposal practices.

Accommodation for All Businesses

No matter what the size of your commercial kitchen or restaurant is, or how many fryers, we can provide you with quality service regardless of the scope of your business. We always work to make sure that your oil container never fills up, as well as make it our goal that you don’t have to call us to pick up your used cooking oil. Your quality of service will remain unaffected based on the size of your kitchen. We ensure that our technicians and highly trained staff provide exceptional service to all our customers.

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How does your restaurant grease disposal service work?

We follow a simple, reliable and flexible process that helps us deliver our services according to your business needs and requirements. It is our mission to make the process as simple and easy as possible for you. We are here to solve problems and answer questions.

Contacting Us

You can most quickly reach us at (855) 6-GREASE. You can also request our service by filling out a simple form. Contacting us is very easy. We have made the process especially easy for you. Whether you are trying us for the first time or shifting from another provider, you will follow a hassle-free and smooth process. 

Setting a Schedule 

You can discuss your preferred schedule with us. Depending on your needs, it can be either five days a week, or it can be 2-3 days a week. We are always operational and have no trouble adjusting according to your needs. Depending on how much oil you fry in your restaurant, we will also offer you a free container. It can be of a suitable size as per your content needs. The container will be in the form of a suitable indoor or outdoor containment unit.

Pick Up Service

Our goal is to help you create and maintain a regular schedule for your grease pickup. We can increase the frequency of our pick up or come only when you need it. Usually, our driver will have already picked up the oil container or replaced it with an empty unit. If you feel like changing the frequency of pick ups, reach out to us immediately. Our aim is to make sure you are content and provide a hassle-free and smooth experience.

Emergency Calls

We are here to help. Depending on your unique needs, it is not uncommon for the container unit to fill up sooner than expected. If you need our cooking oil collection and recycling earlier than anticipated, you can call us, and we can send our delivery truck to collect the used cooking oil quickly. 

FAQs on restaurant grease removal & cooking oil pick up

Why do I need a kitchen grease recycling and collection service?

If you own a commercial kitchen or restaurant, you must have noticed that the usage of cooking oil is inevitable. Depending on your restaurant’s menu, you may have a lot of usages. After frying, the used cooking oil (uco) is left behind. It is contaminated oil that is often left behind as waste. It is also called yellow grease because of its contamination.

This contaminated or used cooking oil needs to be discarded safely, or it needs to be recycled properly. If you pour it down the drain, it will not only clog your drains, but it will also end up in sewers, where it adversely harms the environment. It also creates unsanitary and hazardous conditions in your kitchen. It is far better to hire a proper service with trained technicians and staff such as ours that takes care of cooking oil collection and recycling properly.

How do the restaurant oil recycling and collection service work?

You will want to refer to our section, “How it Works.” In short, you hire us, and we provide you with an oil container unit for free. You pour your used cooking oils into that container. Depending on how often that oil container is filled, we schedule a pick up service to your restaurant. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to reach out to us.

How is the oil collection and recycling service good for the environment?

If you utilize our service for properly disposing of used cooking oil, then this approach has several advantages, including contributing to a greener environment and cleaner water. How? It’s simple!
By hiring us, you are ensuring that the used cooking oil doesn’t end up in drain pipes or sewers. It can prevent a negative effect on the environment. That’s not all!
We actively recycle and repurpose your used cooking oil. That means that we convert it into usable and sustainable biodiesel production, animal feed or other useful products that can be reused safely. That way, through your simple usage of our service, you are inevitably contributing towards a greener and better environment through clean energy.

What is your oil rebate service?

We are an environment-focused service. We offer initiatives and rewards that help people adopt greener and environment-friendly ways to safely dispose of their used cooking oil. Oil rebate offers are special offers that we present to all our clients. According to these offers, your business simply gets paid for the used cooking oil that you supply. You get the monetary benefit, and benefiting the environment through our service becomes a far more convenient and easier choice.

Can I store and recycle the oils myself?

It is most certainly a possibility. However, please note that there is a huge difference between entrusting an already established business that does it full time and doing it yourself. By entrusting us, you will be getting paid, and you will also not have to worry about the extra budget spent on recycling and storing your used cooking oil.
What you can do is install an indoor oil container and ask us to pick up the used cooking oil before the container fills up. However, it will be much more beneficial and cost-effective for you to use our service instead. 

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Dependable Used Oil Collection Services

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